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*Thinkin of my Sweetie* [05 Feb 2004|11:52pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

       Well, everything in my life is going on the right track right now! I had a great day! Let me tell you about it....

       9:30am~Alarm went off!

       *Biz hits snooze until.....

       10:00am-10:30am~I got up, my stomach was kind of upset because I have been sick the past few days but I was feeling better, and I had plans for the day that I couldn't cancel. Rachel(the model) spent the night so we just kind of laid there talking for a while!

       10:30~Rub-a-dub-dub....I took a shower and got all nice and clean! Then I got dressed in my cute jeans and my sisters pink tank and white shirt! I looked so cute, if I may say so myself!

       11:00am~I was sitting on the floor in my room, behind my door, putting on my make-up! I took a little longer to do it today because it had to be extra special!

       *Nothing really special is happening right now....just me and rachel talking and cleaning and getting ready to go out...La...La.....La! Until......

       12:00pm~Me and rachel left my house and went to the bank so I could cash a check! Then we went to her house which is like 15 minutes from mine so she could change her clothes, fo our special afternoon!

       1:00pm~ We left rachel's and headed to Jason's Deli to get something to eat! Ymmm...it was so good, they have the best subs there! We got there around 1:30 and had like 20 minutes to each because we had an appointment at 2:00.

       1:55pm~We left jason's deli and headed to Rogers house. Now, I know you are asking yourself who roger is! Well, if not, I am going to tell you anyways who he is! In Fort Myers there is a club called The Beat Club! Well, roger owns the club! We weren't going to his house to see him though.....we were going because......

       2:00pm~Arrive at rogers house to meet with David John, the director of the fashion show called Fantasy Island! My friend rachel took me to meet him because he wanted to cast me in the show! I am going to be in a modeling show on Feb.15! OMG....who would have thought little plan old Biz could be a model someday! hehe! David John was such a sweet guy! I was so nervous to meet him, dreading the things he would have to say about me! What if he thought I was ugly?!? Just kept running through my head! But...to my surprise, everything went fine; he loved me and told me how cute I was!

       3:40pm~We left roger's because I had to go to work at 4:00. I was already running late so I gave rachel(not model) a call at my work to tell her I would be late! We stopped at the gas station to get some gas obviously and something to drink and then headed to rachel's(the model) house so I could drop her off before work!

       3:57pm~JOSH CALLED!!!! I was stuck in traffic and 'my guy' called me to talk to me before I had to go to work!

       4:10pm~I was stuck at the light to turn to rachel's house, so I changed into my work clothes while we were waiting there! I knew I would be late already but I figured I could change rather then just sit there and freak about the traffic! (I have bad road rage!)

       4:23pm~I pull into the work parking lot, grabbed my purse and booked it for the door! I clocked in right at 4:30...waoh...I was late! It was cool though, because we werent that busy yet!

       *Nothing really happened....I worked....and worked...and worked somemore! Then.....

       8:30pm-ish~Rachel let me leave first because it was my stepmoms bday and I wanted to make it to the restaurant! I ran over to target really qucik to get a card and a gc(gift certificate for those who dont know) and then drove to the restaurant!

       *I called josh when I was walking to my car and he seemed to be really pissed for some reason. It seemed like he was mad at me and he just said ill call you later! It kind of made me mad but I just said whatever, while I was picking a card out he called to tell me he was sorry for the way he talked to me that he was upset with his dad not at me, hes so cute! He said "Im sorry baby!" How cute is that???

       8:55pm~Pulled up to the restaurant and got some grub! They were at the japanese place where they cook at the table! It was good, I had some of everone's because I got there kind of late! It was good, I didn't have to pay for it and I didn't have to cook it...SCORE!

       9:30pm~Left the restaurant and headed home to see june's new scooter she bought herself for her birthday! I called josh on my way home but then he got another call and my phone got disconnected!

       9:55pm~Got to my house and waited for my mom and june to get there so I could go for a ride on the scooter!

       10:30pm~Got to ride the scooter! I was so much fun! Josh called me while I was on it with my mom so I got off and I talked to him while my mom and june went for a ride and then he went to take a shower and I went for another ride!

       11:37pm~ Josh called me bck ater his shower and we talked for like 30 minutes but then he was tired so he went to bed and I started this entry! Yes, it has taken me an hour to complete it! I am being slow tonight, and I had a busy day!

       **Now it is late or I should say early and I am going to go to bed! Josh is coming over tomorrow around 10...OMG, thats to early! I will still probably be sleeping! hehe! I hope everyone had as good of a day as me! Jen....I love you girlie! THIS IS A MESSAGE TO MY DEAR FRIEND CRAIG....I LOVE YOU, PLEASE TALK TO ME! =( we haven't talked in a while...call me on my cellie! Luv you! Good night everyone! *MuAh*



[3] Dreamt*of*Me

[01 Feb 2004|04:27pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

1. IF YOU COULD BUILD A 2ND HOUSE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? I want a apartment in NYC, and a house in the mountains somewhere! Get the best of both worlds! Just get me out of FL!
Morning?? Whats that? Is noon morning?
9. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE KITCHEN APPLIANCE?   A refridgerator...it can hold sooo much!
10. WHAT MAKES YOU REALLY ANGRY?    People who lie and talk shit about other people when they are "supposely" your friends!
11. IF YOU COULD PLAY ANY INSTRUMENT, WHAT WOULD IT BE?   Well since I can already play flute, it would have to be the piano or the guitar!
13. WHICH DO YOU PREFER, SPORTS CAR OR SUV?    I want a black SUV!!!
14. DO YOU BELIEVE IN AFTERLIFE?   I believe...100%!
15. FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOK?   Green Eggs and Ham
16. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON?   Winter even though florida doesn't have one!
17. IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SUPER POWER WHAT WOULD IT BE?  To fly, gas is so expensive! 
18. IF YOU HAVE A TATTOO, WHAT IS IT?  a butterfly
19. CAN YOU JUGGLE?    Nope...but I have better things to do then to learn how!
20. THE ONE PERSON FROM YOUR PAST YOU WISH YOU COULD GO BACK AND TALK TO?   My grandpa, I never got to say good bye really and I wish I could go back and kiss him and tell him how much I love him!
21. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE DAY?   Favorite Day? All mine seem to run together, I guess any day I get to spend with my friends!
22. WHAT'S IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR?  Shoes, and more shoes! 
23. WHICH DO YOU PREFER SUSHI OR HAMBURGER?   Hamburger all the way!
FIRST?  Eileen...my girl!

25. WHO'S LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND???    Everyone else!
28. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEAL?   It's got to be the Chicken Marsala or Sirloin Marsala from Carrabba's, my home away from home!
Well now that I finished that....I will update you on my life......
             Lately, nothing really has been going on! I hung out with Rachel and Rachel wednesday night and we went out to eat at Stonewood....so many hotties work there! I had to work on thursday night but after work i picked up Rachel and we went up to 5th ave and hung out with her step brother Josh(total QT)! I had so much fun with them! Josh is such a sweetie! I am so happy Rachel introduced us, from what she has told me he like me, we will just have to see what happens! I was off on friday so me and Rachel hung out all day and we were supposed to go to the fair but it was raining so we hung out with Josh at his friends house and just watched movies and talked! It was fun! On saturday I went out to lunch with josh and rachel and then I took rachel home because I had to go to work! I felt like crap at work! It was soo bad! My manager finally let me leave at like 9:30 to go home, not like it helped because when I got there I just felt even worse! So, today I am just hanging out at my house relaxing, Josh i on his way over to chill with me! We are just going to sit around and watch movies! Well, thats pretty much it for right now! LATA!
         Jen....I have so much to tell you about my new guy! He is such a sweetie! He calls me beautiful all the time and when I was sick he called me like four times to see if I needed anything! I am so happy! Ill write you a post with the dirt on him! TTYL girlie! Luv YA!

~Just Thinkin~ [07 Jan 2004|02:33am]
[ mood | bored ]

            I am not excatally sure why I have been thinking so much lately. I just seem to have a lot of things on my mind! I think it is just scary about how perfect everything is going right now in my life! I used to have so many problems but it seems like everything is ok. I am not stressed about guys; because I finally found a great guy; I am not worried about work; because everything is going so great at Carrabbas and I love evryone I work with; and things are slowly getting better with my parents. I just wish they would stop seeing me as there little girl and realize I am growing up. I wish they could just trust that they raised me to make the right decisions and just let me go knowing that I will know they will always be there for me!

            Jen...things are going really good with my new beau. I would do the whole rubbing of his hair and everything but I already found out that he likes his back being rubbed. He almost fell asleep on me when I was rubbing his back one night while we were watching a movie, he is such a qt! I will have to take a pic and post it! I am sure everything will be for the best with him in the long run. Tonight, I had to come over to my dads house because I start school again tomorrow; back to college I go; and he called me when I was packing and getting stuff done at my moms and was asking what I was doing tonight. I know he wanted to hang out with me so badly but I had to come down here, but the good things is he is off tomorrow night so we might hang out after I am done with class. So, I realized that Larry has one fault. I know everyone has faults but I have only found one so far...he smokes. I think it is so gross but at least he never tastes or smells like he does! I just keep thinking that in the long run he can always stop it. He was talking to his friend the other night about how they need to quit so he actually might be quitting. How are things going with you and mike? I saw all the pics from NYC, he seems like such a great guy...and hes cute....what a plus! I read your posts about school and your family and everything...sorry I didn't get a chance to comment, I was in a hurry. I am sure your parents will be a lot better when you move back in because even if they dont know excatally what you are doing, they at least know where you are when you come home! I think it will make them feel a lot better.

            Craig...Its not that I am giving up on the game. Its just hard to play at a game to win someone when you are trying to be with someone else! I will always love you craig but I feel that it is time for me to move on. You will always be one of my great friends but I think I am going to have to withdrawl from the game and give it to my sister! She is already winning anywayz! I hope you are happy and I am going to try to do the same!! LOL...I luv you craig....sorry I like someone else to though!

            Johnny Love...I am sorry I wasn't able to come over and watch the movie tonight. We will have to watch it tomorrow together. You are the hottest and sweetest bartender/key/server at Carrabbas! I dont think I could stand to work there if you weren't there! The days I have to work and your not there, I am just crushed. The thought runs through my head that I should just walk out but I force myself to stay, because I know that you will return like my knight in shining armor.

            Well, I am off to bed because I have school tomorrow(unlike some people). I am excited to go back though! I am so glad I decided to go to the fort myers campuis instead, I am sure I will know more people! Everyone have a great day! Lotz of love! And drop me a dream! DREAMT*OF*ME(leave me a comment or advice, whatever you want to write)


[4] Dreamt*of*Me

Late Night...Or is it Early?!?! [06 Jan 2004|02:11am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

         Well, I am not excatally sure what time it is...all I know is it is after 1:00am! I came home late after my mom told me a time to come home and I kind of got into trouble! I never really used to have a cerfew, but for some reason I went from being an "adult", to someone who is treated like they are in middle school!  It seems like ever since my mom and june got together I have been looked upon like all the other kids...well except for like my brother. Both my sister and all of june's kids are in high school or younger and it seems like I am now being treated and looked upon like I am one of them! I am 18 and in college, paying for almost all my expensives myself, I dont feel like I should be looked at like I am some little girl anymore! I am growing up and I think thats what scares them!

           I am so confused about a lot of things going on in my life right now.....were do I start!!!

           I am so happy that I finally found a great guy, but I hate not knowing that everything won't turn out the way it has been with all the other guys I have been with! I am so afraid to get hurt again that it scares me. I know I need to just let everything happen and hope for the best, but I am scared to give my heart and have it stepped on yet again! The good thing about this "relationship" I guess you could call it, is that we dont have a title! Like everything is going so good right now and there is no boyfriend/girlfriend attached to it! We are just going with the flow and seeing what happens...and the scary thing is...I thought that I needed that title to feel secure, but I am doing so much better without it! I have come to realize that I can have a guy and not have a title and be happier then ever! I was over at Larry's house tonight and I was sitting on the couch and he was laying on my lap and it was so nice! I just seem to always have a smile around him...even if its not on the outside, its in the inside!!

          I cant believe I have to get ready to go back to school tomorrow! I am so excited to have new classes and to getting one step further towards my major! Last semester became so boring after awhile that I was so sick of it! I knew I should have studied harder because I am disappointed with the outcome! I am going to be working so hard this semester and I am going to stay focused!

         Carrabbas is going really well right now! We have been really busy lately which is good because I am making more money now. I was thinking about getting a second job but I know that I just need to stay with Carrabbas and  just keep my focus on school and not become to tired! I love it there too....everyone is so nice(expecially Johnny Love....he is so hott).

         Well, I have so much more to say but I will continue that another night when I dont have to wake up early! I have to go spend a small fortune on books for school tomorrow! Hope everyone has a great day and drop me a little comment!

         P.S. Jen...Katies LJ is ur_fantazy! Luv ya girlie! Whats going on with eddie and fabiola (not sure how to spell)?? How is Tricia and Anthony? I heard about that baby that is on the way....tell them congrats if you talk to them! Tell everyone hi and that I miss them....wish I could have seen them all on Christmas Eve....I was stuck working though! Luv ya!

[2] Dreamt*of*Me

~*My First Entry*~ [05 Jan 2004|12:38am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

          Well....where do I start??  I used to have a journal on here but I never kept up with it.  My sister just started a journal and she made me this new one that I plan on writing in a lot. Lately, I have had a lot on my mind, with school and work and everything else going on in my life I just am glad I can have some place to write it all down! This is my first entry in my new journal so its not going to be very long because its late and I have to get up early to go buy books for school!

          Jennie, I saw your pics from New York! Its so funny because I remember all the places I saw when I was there and you went to all that same places I went, and saw everything I saw! I have so much to tell you girlie! I met a new guy...his name is Larry. I know what you are doing right now....you are probably laughing at his name because thats what I did! I couldn't believe that I was actually attracted to a guy named larry. I met him a little over 3 weeks ago when I went to get dessert at a restaurant named Stonewood. He is such a sweetie! I am so glad I finally met someone who isn't a jerk!

          I get to start school again in 3 days! I am so excited to start class again. I was going to that ECC campus close to my house in Naples but i decided to transfer to the campus that is further away from my house! I decided to go to that campus because more of the people I graduated with are going to be at that campus!

          Well, I am going to get going....I am going to play Scrabble with my mom and june! I will write again later sometime! Have a great day everyone!

[1] Dreamt*of*Me

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